My Yellow Umbrella

by. jen halvorson

my family is better than yours

Jennifer Halvorson

16 Jul, 2015

Ok, that was a little harsh. I am sure that your family is amazing. I am just really, really proud of my crew. In the picture is my hot husband, Ben and the 5 children that we have the pleasure of claiming and raising. My oldest, Mary Kate is 9.5, Anna turns 8 next week, Leah is 5, Elizabeth 3.5 and Samuel is 22 months. We also have a son in heaven that would be 6.

I sometimes number my kids because that makes it easier to keep them straight. I might say, "I am going to the store, #2 and #3 are coming with me."  That means Anna and Leah are coming. Since I have such a hard time keeping their names straight, this seems to help. Plus, other than #2, they really look alike. And having 4 daughters to hand clothing down to means a lot of the same outfits on different bodies. Ben is worse than I am. I am constantly correcting him, but not in a mean way more like I am questioning him. He will say "Ellie you are so cute!" and I will respond, "Do you mean Leah?" Because that is who he is looking at. ha.

They also have nicknames. Which does not help the name game. Take Elizabeth for example. Her middle name is Emily, so it's Elizabeth Emily. Her grandfather (Wayne) gave Elizabeth the nick name "EE" shortly after birth. Now he calls her "smiley" because she is the happiest little girl in the world. She is even smiley when she is apologizing for being naughty. Elizabeth's main nickname is "Ellie" because Ben wanted "Liz" and I wanted "Betsy" we settled on "Ellie", if that makes any sense. Other names for Elizabeth are: "El," "El-Bell," "Eliza-bootie," "Bootie-luscious" (I know, not appropriate. don't judge me.), "Eliza-buddy," "turkey" and I am sure that I am missing some. That is just one of my kids. My brother calls her "four". It's catching, the whole number system.

Anyways, they are awesome. They are mine. I am so lucky, so blessed, so completely happy to have them. (Remind me of that when I complain later, because I will.)